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Early years

It is important to note that a delay in learning and development in the early years does not always necessarily mean that your child has special educational needs (SEN) or a disability.

We are all unique.

First concerns, a holistic approach

Your first observations of your child are key. Children who have more complex developmental and sensory needs may be identified at birth. 

Bromley Healthcare 0-4 Service

For parents and carers of babies and children from birth until just before they start school.

The service provides a series of 10 health checks starting with antenatal contact, and you will be given advice and support about your child’s development and growth, healthy eating, physical activity, emotional wellbeing and immunisations.

Bromley Children’s Project

A boroughwide service that supports families living in Bromley to create a safe, secure and happy environment for all children. Bromley Children’s Project (BCP) is linked to all Children and Family Centres and works with private, voluntary and independent early years providers in the borough.

BCP offer a comprehensive range of courses and drop in sessions for parents and their children through the Children and Family Centres.


An educational service for pre-school children with severe and complex needs and their families. It is a bespoke service offering pre-school learning groups and home learning sessions depending on the needs of the child. Referrals can come from families as well as other professionals.

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Early years setting responsibilities

All early years settings are required to put specific support in place for children who have SEND.

Child development review

You will be contacted by the Health Visiting Team when your child is typically between 24-30 months old.

Disability Living Allowance

This benefit can help with the extra costs of bringing up your child if they are disabled or have a health conditions.

The graduated approach

Settings should use the ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ as a continuous cycle – known as the graduated approach.

Specialist services and support

There is a range of specialist support available for early years settings if a child has SEND.

EHC needs assessments

An EHC needs assessment is a detailed look at a child’s SEND and the support they may need in order to learn.

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