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Our confidentiality

When you talk to us, what you say is confidential

Confidential means that we do not tell other people.

Everything that we talk about in our meetings or over the phone, or in your emails, will be kept private and confidential.

We will not share your information with other people, such as parents, teachers or social workers.

We might tell our managers so they can check our work, and we might make notes on our computers so we can remember our discussions.

But we will keep all of this information safe so other people outside of our team cannot see it.

The only time we will tell someone is if:

  • you give us permission by saying it is OK, or
  • we think that someone might be in danger of being hurt

In that case, we would need to tell someone to make sure that everyone is safe. We will talk to you about this before we do anything.

We keep information about you:

  • on paper which is kept in locked drawers in our office
  • on our database on our computer system

We can only do this because you, or your parents, have told us we can. We always ask for permission to do this.

If you want to see the information we keep about you, just get in touch. We will make sure you can see all this information.

If you want us to stop keeping information about you, tell us.

If you want us to delete your information, tell us.

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