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Supporting you at school

School can be difficult.

Our advice will give you ideas to help you cope with those difficulty times.

It takes up five days a week and there are all the pressures of schoolwork, homework, making friends and taking exams.

It can seem scary.

But we all have bad days (even if we don’t show it!) and on the whole, school is great with lots of new experiences and new friends.

Below we have provided advice for dealing with the tough bits and handling the odd bad day so you can focus on the good ones.

Struggling with the work?

You might take a lot of subjects at school and it can be daunting to have to get through the whole day AND your homework in the evening too.

Homework can be a big challenge, especially as you have to motivate yourself to do it when you’re not in the classroom. Sometimes, there’s no quiet place to work either, and there are so many distractions whether it’s your TV, phone, parents, brother or sister or your friends.

And sometimes it seems to take too long – so long that you don’t feel you’ve got time for anything fun.

That’s all normal – nobody wants to do homework!

But if you’re struggling, raise it with a teacher you trust.

They would rather you talked to them about it than fall behind or say you simply didn’t do it – if you raise it early they’ll be able to help you find a solution.

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