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Advice for those aged 10 to 16

If you think you need more help…

…at school or college…

…with your health…

…with caring for yourself…

…then we can support you…

on the phone

via text


* in private if wanted

Or read our topics below


Support at school

School can be difficult.

Our advice will give you ideas to help you cope with those difficulty times.

Coping in lessons

Lessons are all part of going to school.

However, they can be worrying and stressful sometimes.

Not feeling good?

Many people struggle with their self-esteem, feeling down and overwhelmed.

But there is help available.

I feel different

Your sexuality and gender identity are part of who you are.

However you’re feeling, there is support available.

School changes

Everyone feels scared or anxious about changes at school and changing schools.

There are things that can help.

Staying healthy

Keeping healthy can help you deal with difficulties in life.

Develop a healthy mind and a healthy body.

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