Health and development review

This is carried out by the Health Visiting Team from Bromley Healthcare.

You will usually be sent a letter by the Health Visiting Team when your child is typically between 24-30 months old, inviting you to make an appointment to complete an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ).

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The health and development review at age 2 forms part of the Government’s Healthy Child Programme that aims to make sure children are healthy, supported and have access to the services they need. It is an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have.

The Health Visiting Team will send you a letter to arrange your child’s health and development review. The letter will include two Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2). You will be asked to fill these in with your child before your appointment and take them along on the day. You will also be asked to bring your child’s red book to the appointment.

During the appointment a member of your health visiting team will review the questionnaires with you and, if you have one, the summary document given to you by your child’s childcare provider. The review also gives you the opportunity to discuss other areas of your child’s health like:

  • Growth, healthy eating and keeping active
  • Managing behaviour and encouraging good sleeping habits
  • Dental health
  • Keeping your child safe
  • Vaccinations
  • Hearing and vision

They will also ask your child to carry out some simple exercises. They will use all this information to check that your child is progressing as they should be. If they feel your child needs more support they will help arrange this for you and if necessary contact your childcare provider to talk about the next steps.

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