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Coping in lessons

Studying and school lessons are all part of going to school.

However, they can be worrying and stressful sometimes, but talking about it helps.

There’s a lot to understand at school and college. It’s normal to feel confused sometimes, it’s part of learning.

Not understanding something about your work doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

If you’re unsure about something, there are things you can do.

Things you can do:

Talk your teacher

They might be able to explain things differently, arrange extra lessons or give you support.

Ask a brother, sister or friend

If an older brother or sister has learnt something before you, they might be able to answer your questions.

Talk to your parents or carers

Your parents or carers might be able help you get more support, or explain things if you’re struggling. If you’re worried about telling them, you could try writing your worries down.

Find information online

There are lots of free resources online to help you learn. But it’s important to make sure what you’re looking at is accurate. If you’re not sure try asking your teacher or another trusted adult.

Talk to your doctor

Speak to a doctor for their advice on coping with stress if you are feeling overwhelmed.

If you have a disability or additional needs

Your school should be putting support in place to help you. Ask your teacher or Senco about your SEN Support Plan to see what it says.

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