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School transport

Learn about who is eligible for school transport and the range of options available to all children and young people.

For large numbers of children, getting to school will be a reasonable and safe walking experience. There will, however, be a small number of children with profound and complex educational needs for whom the council will need to make arrangements to provide travel assistance.

For children of statutory school age who are required to travel beyond the relevant walking distance to reach their specialist provision school because the Council is unable to make arrangements at a suitable school nearer to home, travel assistance may be available.

The Council’s SEN transport policy sets out in detail who is eligible for transport.

Public transport

The vast majority of students who use transport to get to school will travel on public transport, such as buses, trains and trams.

Transport for London (TfL) provides a range of free and discounted travel for children and students of all ages.

Cycle training

The Council’s Road Safety Education team offers Bikeability training to help equip those living and working in Bromley with the skills and confidence they need to cycle safely.

Appealing a transport refusal

There is a right of appeal if the Council refuses transport for your child. The Council must provide you with details of how to appeal.

More information can be provided by the SEN transport team.

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