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Medical and care needs

Some children who have additional needs will benefit from extra help and support from health and social care services.

Understanding who to talk to and when you should talk to them is key. It is important to know what you can expect from different services to help your child and also to help you.

For children who have medical needs

When children and young people are unable to attend school due to medical reasons, a teacher or learning mentor can work with them at home, at the Home Tuition base or other suitable venues, or in hospital.

In exceptional circumstances support can also be provided for children who have been excluded or who have a statement of special educational needs and are awaiting appropriate placement.

Government statutory guidance

The Government’s statutory guidance for supporting pupils at school with medical conditions tells schools what they must do to effectively support pupils with medical conditions.

Specific medical needs

The Bromley Local Offer provides information and advice on a range of specific medical needs, including: using the toilet; eating, drinking and feeding; hearing and visual impairments; sleeping difficulties; and more.

Social care needs

Children’s disability service 0 – 25 yrs
The children’s disability service provides information about the service and support available in Bromley.

Short breaks for children and young people
Providing opportunities for some disabled children and young people to relax and have fun away from their families or main carers (subject to eligibility criteria).

Getting a break from caring
Supporting some parents and carers to have time for themselves to give them the energy to carry on caring (subject to eligibility criteria).

Universal children’s social care
We provide services that protect, care for and support the most vulnerable children and young people in the borough.

Bromley Children Project
A borough-wide service supporting families to create a safe, secure and happy environment for all children.

Other services
The Council provides a range of other children’s social care services that match the level of need of the child and their family (subject to eligibility criteria).

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