Specialist services

There is a range of specialist support available for early years settings if a child has SEND.

Early Years SEN Advisory Team (EYSENAT)

Every early years setting has a named area Senco who can be contacted for advice, with permission from the child’s parents.

If it is felt necessary to make a referral to this service, the area Senco will arrange to meet with you, the setting Senco and the child’s key person. They will observe your child to gather more information before they provide relevant advice and make relevant recommendations.

Early Years SEN Inclusion Fund (SENIF)

The SENIF supports the inclusion of children who have SEND to access the EYFS and make progress in mainstream pre-schools and nurseries.

The funding can be used:

  • as a contribution towards resources that would benefit the child
  • for training that is specific to a child’s area of need
  • for additional staffing to provide a higher staff ratio at certain times

Referrals are made by the setting to the Early Years SEN Advisory Team for consideration. If the referral is accepted, it will be allocated to a member of the Early Years SEN Advisory Team.

Disability Access Fund (DAF)

If the setting your child attends provides funded places for any 3 or 4 year old who receives Disability Living Allowance (DLA), they may be eligible to receive DAF.

This is a one-off payment paid to a provider on an annual basis and it is paid regardless of how many funded hours the child is attending.

DAF is used to improve access to early years provision for children who have SEN and disabilities. It is up to the childcare provider how it is spent and cannot be used to pay for additional hours.