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Our annual competition with the Glebe School

We have worked with the Glebe School students since 2017 to co-produce resources for us, via fun and friendly competitions as part of their ICT lessons.

The initial project in 2017 was to design a poster that would appeal to children and young people.

We were extremely proud of the standard of designs and the excitement that this first year provided, so we went back the following year.

And, thanks to Mr Parmar, Head of ICT at Glebe, and his willingness to work with us, the students remain excited and motivated to work with us year on year.

We send Mr Parmar a brief of that year’s project and let the students have a large amount of autonomy with their designs and layout. 

The winning poster was bold, engaging and bright.

The 2018 project was to design a web page for our new website.

The students were given wording to include, and were told it could look however they wanted the webpage to look. Some students really took this in board, and some even requested certain photos from our team, such as photos of ourselves and the IASS building!

The designs were all so amazing and varied, picking a winner was so tough that we couldn’t all agree. Three joint-winners were picked, and all presented with a winner’s prize at the school assembly.

We loved the results and how much the students had engaged with us during the project.

For the 2019 project, we took this a step further when we attended an ICT lesson at Glebe to introduce the project which was: to design an IASS logo.

We prepared a lesson plan which covered:

  • what a logo is
  • why we need one
  • what logos other IASS services have
  • how the logo will be used on our new website

We explained to the students that we need a logo because we are creating a stand-alone website, and we are aware of how important it is to develop an online identity when doing this.

One key aspect to this, particularly for engaging with young people, is to have an accessible and aesthetic website, and we wanted to include a logo that has been designed by a young person in Bromley.

Mr Parmar compiled the finished entries and sent them to us. We met as a team to pick the finalists. Each team member had 3 votes, with all entries with a vote being put into a pool. From this pool, we asked the other Bromley Children Project teams and families and young people visiting our office, to vote for their favourite one.

The winner of this competition was Dean Brown. His logo design was unique and included aspects that were felt to be a good reflection of what we are and what we are trying to achieve. Some colleagues saw a winding road that led from an uncertain face to a happy face, whilst others saw a curved ‘i’ which reflects the IASS service initial.

We were invited back to Glebe School to announce the winner at a school assembly. All students who took part were presented with a gift voucher for The Glades.

We are very grateful to all students and staff at Glebe School for their continued involvement with the IASS projects, and are looking forward to our next project together in the future.

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